When Penis Odor Indicates a One Might Need A Doctors Visit


One of the more unfortunate facts of life as a male is that occasionally, an unpleasant penis odor might occur. That’s not to say that a guy’s manhood should always reek, but sometimes a strong odor emanating from the midsection is unavoidable. However, when a man is exercising appropriate penis care and is still experiencing a persistent penis odor, it may mean that a medical issue is at play.

Sometimes penis odor arises from a common medical issue, such as candida (also called thrush), a yeast infection which can play havoc with the aroma around the manhood. In some cases, a strong odor can also be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). In such cases, getting in touch with a doctor is essential.

The urine connection

But sometimes the unwanted penis odor is located not actually on the penis but in the urine instead. This makes sense; although men do their best to shake any stray drops of urine off after urinating, it’s easy to miss some. It’s also easy to experience some minor leakage. In these cases, when the urine does not have an out-of-the-ordinary aroma, there’s no problem. But if the urine is making an olfactory statement, those drops that cling to and dry on the penis are going to raise a significant stink.

A strong urine odor is often related to diet; certain food products (such as asparagus) can produce a pungent aroma. But if a medical issue is present, that may also be a factor. A partial list of medical issues which may make their presence known via urine odor includes:

1) Unmanaged diabetes. When diabetes is not properly managed, excess glucose often finds its way into the urine, creating a sickly sweet smell. Because diabetes can be such a serious disease, controlling glucose and insulin levels is essential.

2) Dehydration. The more urine is diluted, the less provocative the aroma. When a man is dehydrated, his urine will be less “watered down,” allowing for more of the naturally stronger odors to predominate in the mix of ingredients in the urine. Drinking plenty of fluids (especially water) helps to maintain proper levels of hydration.

3) Liver disease. One sign associated with liver disease is an especially musty scent in the urine. If the penis odor is stale or moldy, looking for liver issues might be in order.

4) Bladder infection or inflammation. When bacteria get into the urinary tract, it can cause an infection and/or inflammation that can be quite painful. Excess bacteria will easily find its way into the urine, which will exhibit a distinctly strong odor.

5) Bladder fistula. Occasionally, two body parts can develop an abnormal connection, which is called a fistula. When this happens between the bladder and the intestines, inflammation results – as does strongly-scented urinary discharges. Bladder fistulas often require surgery for proper treatment.

6) Maple syrup urine disease. This is a rare medical issue, genetic in nature, in which the body is unable to properly break down proteins, resulting in urine which smells rather like maple syrup. The disease can be serious and requires proper management

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