Vitamin D May Help Libido

In the realm of sex tips and penis health, there’s a great focus on boosting performance, but the area of libido enhancement sometimes gets the short end of the stick. That may be due to the fact that men have this reputation of being sex machines, always wound up and ready to go if just given half the chance. Yet anyone with a basic knowledge of penis health knows that sometimes a man’s sex drive needs a little boost. And that’s where this penis health secret comes in handy: vitamin D may be able to help in this department.


A man’s libido (or sex drive) plays a big role in his sexual life. Speaking in general terms, the libido bursts into life in a big way during adolescence, hits a peak at some point (typically between 18 and 30) and then begins to gradually decrease. (Which isn’t to say that a man of 50 can’t still be a frisky guy; it just may mean that the drive doesn’t kick in in the same way as it did when he was 20.)

But that’s just the general arc. There are peaks and valleys along the way, having to do with many factors (mood, mental state, self-esteem, physical health, etc.). Still, it is safe to say that the older a man gets, the more likely it is his sex drive will be impacted to some degree.


One of the primary reasons for a man’s drive changes is a decrease in testosterone levels. Although there can be numerous outside factors which bring this situation about, in general it is associated with the normal maturation process. The body changes, and one of those changes involves the amount of testosterone produced.

Therefore, many men who notice they don’t have the same degree of libido as they used to sometimes try to address this issue by increasing their testosterone levels. And one way they may do this is by increasing their intake of vitamin D.

Vitamin D

In a 2015 study, the American Urological Association confirmed a link between vitamin D and testosterone. Vitamin D has long been known as an important resource for general growth and development, especially of healthy bones. It is now believed to also play a key role in testicular health, which affects testosterone production.

Called “the sunshine vitamin,” natural vitamin D production in the body is keyed to the amount of sunlight a person receives. People who are outdoors in the sun frequently have higher levels of vitamin D. This typically means that vitamin D levels vary with the seasons: they tend to be higher during the long days of summer and lower during the short days of winter.

Vitamin D can also be obtained from supplements and from a diet with foods rich in the vitamin.

Men who think their sex drive may be affected by a lack of vitamin D should have their levels measured by a doctor and then determine the best path for increasing overall vitamin D intake. Often a man’s vitamin D levels can be increased significantly by very simple measures, such as taking a half-hour walk every day at lunchtime.

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