This Is Why Men Are So Crazy About Women’s Breasts

I recently read a very interesting article about evolutionary psychology and the question of why men are overly attracted to women’s breasts surfaced all along. So what’s so attractive about women’s breasts that men can’t seem to resist?

Of course this could be just a plain case of supernormal stimulus at work. And yes, I can see the point. But I tend to think that there’s more to the female pair than meets the eye. To us men, there’s some chemistry that bonds us to the female anatomy, which is merely defined by the breasts, to say the least. Ultimately, I like to believe that breasts to a man are what a million pairs of shoes are to a woman. So I’ll ask again. Why do guys like women’s breasts so much?

I’m sure most women think of this fascination as a perverse act, which of course, doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like it. To be fair, just like women obsess on little but ridiculously expensive things like flowers, chocolates and sweet talk in the middle of the night, we guys, in the spirit of keeping things simple, are simply suckers for a great pair of them boobs. If I changed the wallpaper on my iPad to a pair of female breasts, I’d definitely stop using my pillow. But obviously I can’t. My wife would kill me.

Anyway, there are lots of evolutionary and scientific theories that attempt to explain men’s obsession to female breasts, but I’m not going to explain any of them. I strongly doubt you want to hear any of them either. Truth is, I find it rather shallow to blame evolution for my attraction to perfect breasts.

I like to own up my own fascination. And I think it should be every guy’s thing. Ladies, if there’s a guy telling you that he doesn’t like breasts, he’s either a hypocrite or a pervert who likes to do dirty things to himself. And that can be interpreted in whichever way you feel comfortable with. Now let’s break down things a little further. Why do guys like breasts?

Breasts are suggestively out of view

The first and perhaps obvious reason is, they distinguish us from women. I know sounds pretty straightforward, so I’ll explain. Remember when we were kids and the only difference between you and your sister was your little pecker? Then adolescence came along and you knew that there’s more to girls than you thought. As it happens, other than broad hips, breasts are the most basic feature every man uses to recognize a woman. They are in the front and slightly out of view, which is quite provocative given that they are just a few degrees below the eyes.

When flirting, most guys use breasts to compliment their vibes. They may not exactly realize it, but they do. Maintaining eye contact with a woman while flirting is crucial, but throwing quick glances at her breasts occasionally leads her on. Even more interesting, breasts are always covered, which means that men are not supposed to see them.

But in man’s mind, that privacy is registered as a desire to uncover what’s underneath. It’s all founded in the psychology of human attraction and duty to mate. So, concisely, breasts are strategically positioned to intensify flirting and compel attraction, which in turn reflects in the man’s mind as a strong obsession to explore. It’s all psychosomatic if you think about it.

Seductive mind games

Moving on, let’s play with the mind a little. Now, we just said that breasts are always covered, right? But we didn’t explore the upshots deeply enough. Whenever a man is looking at a woman’s breasts, the most noticeable thing about them is the shape they make on that blouse or T-shirt or whatever. But of course that’s not the key. The key is establishing a craving; a strong desire to conceal what’s beneath. How do you do that?

Now a good pair of breasts arouses a man’s mind in an exploratory way. The shape of the breasts on the shirt allows the mind to visualize how the breasts must actually look like. It’s a mysterious feeling, and we all know how men love to explore. Questions arise. How many inches is that cleavage? Is that a push up bra? Could she be good in bed? All these are possible questions running in a man’s mind when he’s looking at your breasts. And you can almost bet his mind wants answers. So basically, breasts create a mystery, the mystery stimulates a game of twenty one questions, and in the end, the mind draws a conclusion. She is hot!

Men love the way breasts feel

I have nothing else to say here.

Breasts flatter a woman’s curves

Women are defined by curves. For us guys, a good pair of breasts can transform a mere ‘hmm look at that’ to a strong ‘oh god oh god looook at that!’ Whether you’re thinking it or not, this is not, by all means, a sign of perversion. As I said earlier, call a spade a spade, not a big spoon. Men have flat chests and no matter how hard we work out, we’ll never be able to beat a woman’s chest. So admiring the curves is all we can do. You can call it a hidden sign of jealousy. Wink*

Now that we have all that out of the way, let me beat a common miscalculation among the ladies. You’re thinking that having an extra cleavage, or wearing a slutty dress, or flashing your breasts all over will get you an added advantage to grab his attention. The sad truth is, there’s nothing like ‘the perfect breasts’ unless there’s a variety ‘at hand’ to choose from. If you read closely between the lines, you’ll understand what I mean by that. To the guys, breasts are just breasts, and it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a sexy push up bra or an old polo neck sweater. Men will stare at your breasts anyway. It’s like gravity. We can’t help it.

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