The VigRX Plus Formula

VigRX, a leading male enhancement supplement that has been helping millions get their sexual lives back on track introduces VigRX Plus. The reformulated supplement contains two new key ingredients, not found in the original formula. This redesigned formula allows for additional blood flow to the penis while keeping the users blood pressure at a safe rate.

The first ingredient Bioperine is a trademarked ingredient derived from piperine. Piperine is a form of black pepper that interacts well with the other ingredients found in VigRX Plus. Damiana, the second ingredient hails from South and Central America and is a small shrub.

Chemistry at a glance

In order to understand the inner workings of the key ingredients Bioperine and Damiana, a brief chemistry lesson is in order.

Bioperine originates from black pepper and is used to aid in the absorption rate of other nutrients combined with Bioperine. For instances, Bioperine combined with Damiana provides the user a more powerful compound, than would Damiana on its own.

Damiana originates from vegetation found in the central and southern regions of the Americans. It aids in heightened sexual stamina, and helps to eradicate erectile dysfunction. This aphrodisiac noticeable enhances sexual drive, arousal, and orgasms.

Aided by Bioperine and Damiana the overall intimacy between couples greatly improves. This in turn gives the male partner a better, confident outlook on sexual intimacy. Statistics show, healthy sexual intimacy between couples creates stronger emotional bonds and a better quality of overall health and life.

Additional Compounds

Epimedium works with the two key ingredients to increase the volume of blood flowing into the penis without side effects such as increased blood pressure. Epimedium has been recognized for its effectiveness in allowing the penis to become and remain erect for longer periods.

Tribulis Terretis aids in raising testosterone levels. This aphrodisiac compound has been used since ancient European times and its effects are enhanced when combined with the other key ingredient in VigRX Plus.

Asian Red Ginseng and Gingko Biloba aid in awareness and alertness. Other ingredients include Saw Palmetto Berry, Muira Pauma, Catawba Bark, and Hawthorn Berry. The combination of ingredients is derived from the finest stocks to create the very best formula available.

Simple Mechanics

The VigRX Plus formula is akin to the original formula with stronger results. The new and improved formula allows for increased blood flow to the penis without causing the users blood pressure to rise.

The unique blend of calming herbs in the formula aids the male in retaining a relaxed state while having intercourse. This ability allows the male to enjoy sexual intimacy with his partner minus the jitters and nervousness. The outcome is equal pleasure between partners.

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