The Real Scoop on How to Get Women

Getting women is not about money, or your job, or what you drive. It’s about swagger.

Let’s be clear: Swagger isn’t about some funky 70′s TV pimp walk. Swagger is about your attitude and the way that you communicate with and treat women.

Follow these rules and you will get women. Not just bimbos to sleep with, but quality, decent women that you actually want to have stay around for a while.

1 – Figure out who you are:

This isn’t some strange Jedi vision quest. Who are you to others? Are you a techno dweeb? A sports geek? A super jock?

This part is important: What do others see you as?

Ask your friends. Ask brothers and sisters (they are always brutally honest). Ask ex-girlfriends or boyfriends (if they’re cool).

There are certain roles that everyone plays. If you learn how you’re seen by others, you can then enhance that and let that become your identity.

If you are seen as a geek by the people around you, embrace it. Take a look at how “hot” geeks dress. People like Justin Timberlake and Daniel Radcliffe have made a science out of good looking geek wear.

Also, if you are a techno geek, remember that when you open your mouth. If you are seen as a sports geek, you will be expected to say something about sports. Go with it.

2- Learn to stay calm and be centered

Women love a man who can handle pressure. This does not mean that you shouldn’t express how you feel, it means you shouldn’t freak out just because something minor has happened.

It also means that you learn to use a smooth, soft tone of voice. Think of Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson here. They seem to rarely raise their voices, but they are always heard.

Your tone of voice is important when a woman is looking for someone she feels can handle her emotions. Most women are not interested in having a man around who is as much of an emotional wreck as she is. When she is feeling weak, she needs to be able to feel that she can turn to her man who will be able to be her rock.

3 – Learn to treat women well

I don’t care what rap songs say about women. Women aren’t bitches and ho’s. If they are, they are bitches and ho’s for every guy that walks by and you are just the daily special.

Women, all women, like to be treated well. They like it when a man takes care of them. They like to be told they’re pretty and they like to be told that they matter. If you want someone to treat like crap, go to a gym and do some boxing.

3A – Side note: If you hit a woman, ever, unless she has a gun in your face, I want you to walk to the kitchen now, grab a knife and cut off your Johnson. You aren’t a man. You are a boy with pubes. Period.

4 – Forget about being rich

It’s not about being rich. Taking care of a woman is more about making sure that they have their basic needs met, not about diamonds and vacations. Frankly, if that’s what’s important to her, she will walk away with the next fat wallet, so let her go now.

Food on the table, a decent roof over her head, and a lot of respect are what’s most important to women. Again, if they have a whole other idea, there is a really good chance you are going to be dumped as soon as she finds someone who meets that need better.

5 – Shut up!

This works on two different levels: Don’t bitch and moan and listen.

Don’t piss and moan. Nobody wants to listen to a dude who whines and complains about his life. Shut up. If you need to share how much your life sucks, share it with your best friends. The women in your life don’t need to hear it.

Listen – It’s actually true, women like to be listened to. Watch women together. One will talk for an hour, then the other will talk They listen to each other and can repeat what the other says almost verbatim.

The quick notes:

These are simple points that you should get right away. If you don’t, stay home and spank your monkey. We don’t want you diluting the gene pool.

  • Pull up your pants – No one wants to look at your underwear.
  • Wear a belt – It has lots of great uses besides holding your pants up, but it is an essential piece of man-ware.
  • Take a shower – Unless you live in a cabin like the Unibomber, take a shower. Just ‘cuz it’s called pussy doesn’t mean it wants to be near a litter box.
  • Get your teeth fixed – Nasty, rotten teeth are not supposed to be near a beautiful thing like a woman’s privates. Get ‘em cleaned and fixed.
  • Real men don’t spit – Unless you just got a mouth full of blood from an MMA cage match, don’t spit in front of a woman. Do it with the guys, fine. Women don’t need to see you spit like a jackass.
  • No chewing tobacco – Unless you’re dating a guy who likes chew too, it’s nasty for any real woman.
  • Stay sober – Not all the time, but don’t be a daily drunk. It makes your dick soft and your brain softer.
  • Lose some weight – If you can’t see your penis, there is very little reason that she would want to either.
  • Do some cardio – You don’t need to run a marathon, but all night sex is a lot easier if you can breathe.
  • Make it big now – If you’re hung like a 5 year old, no big. Most of this is fine without a monster schlong. Nonetheless, there are things you can do, so do them.
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