Stopping That Penis Itch: When Thrush Is Not Just a Female Problem

Men and women often divide themselves into two camps, especially when it comes to health. Some conditions are simply considered ‘a female problem’ while others are seen as ‘a male problem.’ This is quite true when it comes to thrush, also known as yeast infections. Thrush is unfortunately so common for women that many pharmaceutical companies do booming business in over-the-counter treatments.

But here’s a surprise: Thrush can affect men as well. In fact, men can wind up with all the same symptoms that women suffer from, including the discharge, redness and itching. In most cases, excellent penis care can help ensure that thrush isn’t a common problem; however, sometimes there are reasons a man gets a yeast infection that has nothing to do with hygiene.

Why does thrush happen?

The reasons for thrush might surprise you. The most common way a man contracts thrush is through intimate activity with someone who already has the condition. Since these infections can be passed back and forth between partners, it is a good idea for both partners to be treated. Keep in mind that someone can have an overgrowth of Candida – the yeast fungus that leads to thrush infections – and not yet show symptoms.

Men might also develop thrush without any sexual activity at all. This spontaneous overgrowth of yeast is usually caused by something in the body going wrong. The most common problem often turns out to be uncontrolled diabetes, as high blood sugar creates the right environment for an overgrowth of fungus. A man who suddenly has a yeast infection for no apparent reason definitely needs to be checked out by the doctor.

There are a few other surprising reasons why thrush might suddenly grow on the penis. Not drying the genital area thoroughly after bathing leaves a great deal of moisture in a covered and dark area, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Even a day-to-day diet of wheat-based products, including beer, and high-sugar foods can make a person more susceptible to Candida overgrowth.

A failing immune system can lead to thrush. Ironically enough, antibiotics can also cause the problem. That’s because antibiotics don’t discriminate between the various maladies they treat and the good bacteria in the body – both wind up being destroyed. This means that the good bacteria that prevents and overgrowth of Candida is no longer there, and the result is thrush.

Finally, improper hygiene might be a culprit. Any penis skin infection can be caused by inadequate cleaning, and penis itch is a very common issue for men who skip even one shower. Always take care to cleanse the genital area very well, but avoid using harsh soaps or abrasives to do so, as those can irritate the skin and make it more hospitable to thrush development.

What to do about thrush

Men who are dealing with the penis itch and annoyance of thrush have a few good options available. A yeast infection definitely must be diagnosed and treated by a doctor, so any penis itch that doesn’t go away, especially if it is accompanied by redness and discharge, should be checked out. Abstain from intimate activities with a partner until the thrush is completely gone.

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