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Looking for a permanent way to enlarge your penis so that you can find that sexual confidence you lack in bed and with the women? Most men are. And wouldn’t you be interested in a product that would increase the size of your penis within six months or you could get a refund?SizeGenetics

Lucky for you, there is a fantastic product available that can get you the length and width that you have always desired. SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement extender device that has been proven to effectively add inches to your penis safely and comfortably.

Is SizeGenetics a Scam?

Absolutely not. SizeGenetics is backed by medical physicians and surgeons as well as plenty of media endorsements. It is a type 1 medical device, backed with a medical certificate. All the claims that are made are backed by clinical research and trials. SizeGenetics says you can extend your penis by inches because it has been proven in clinical studies that it can indeed be done.

All in all, there are too many facts and too much proof for SizeGenetics to be a scam.

Simple as that!

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How SizeGenetics Works

The SizeGenetics penis enlargement device is easy to use. You simply place your penis into the device. The device utilizes traction technology to provide a gentle pull – not a painful pull – on your penis. This eventually tears down the tissue in your penis causing new cells to be created. As more and more cells are created, your penis will increase in size in both length and width. The end result is a longer, thicker penis. Ultimately, this is the same process that happens when you lift weights to achieve larger muscles.

Clinical research suggests that you can expect up to a 30% increase in length and up to a 20% increase in girth.

What Do You Get?

When you order the Ultimate System, which is the best-selling product in this line, you will get the SizeGenetics traction device, which is listed as a Medical Type 1 Device. You will also get the 16-way comfort tech system and a leather case. There is an instructional DVD as well as the well-known Penis Health exercise DVD. By using the exercises on this DVD along with the extender, you should see much faster gains.

In addition, you will also get traction powder, after care moisturizer, wipes, spare parts, and instant access to Penis Health Online, which will give you even more tips on how to grow your size.

Is It Safe?

Obviously, your safety is your first priority and although you want a bigger penis, it is much more important that whatever you do to increase its size is safe. That is why this comes with a full 100 percent money-back guarantee. You can use this device for a full six months (180 days) to see for yourself how safe and effective it is, and if you don’t see incredible growth during that time, you can simply return it for a refund.

SizeGenetics 16-Way Comfort Technology

It has put comfort first with this penis extender device. It is recommended to wear this device for approximately four hours each day for about six months in order to gain maximum results from the device. That sounds like a lot, especially if you have used other penis extenders in the past. However, you can’t compare those to SizeGenetics because the their system features 16-way comfort technology that they have put to use in the design of their device allowing 16 different ways to wear this device for optimum comfort for all-day, or extended, wear.

It has developed the comfort strap, which is what holds the device into place, but unlike the noose, it does not go directly beneath the head of your penis. Instead, the strap goes around the shaft of your penis for a more comfortable fit.

SizeGenetics Media Endorsements

SizeGenetics has created a lot of buzz in the media with the vast of it being in the United Kingdom since this is where the product is produced. Here are two of the media endorsements for SizeGenetics:

UK Channel 4 Extreme Male Beauty, Tim Shaw – On his UK show, Shaw took matters into his own hands and used SizeGenetics to determine just how effective it really was. What were the results? He gained half an inch in a measly two weeks!

GQ Magazine, Jamie Mullinger – A writer for GQ Magazine, Mullinger decided to do an unpaid test review of SizeGenetics. Within four months, he was able to get a seven-inch penis, which was about an inch and a half larger than what he started out with.

There Money Back Guarantee

This penis extender device is not cheap by any means; however, the product is guaranteed to work and is made of high quality materials rather than low-grade materials most of the cheap penis extenders are made of that can ultimately damage your penis. And if it doesn’t work?

What happens if you don’t gain inches on your penis? Well, you can send the product back and request a full refund because SizeGenetics offers a six-month, 180-day money back guarantee. You can receive a full refund minus a small processing fee if you do not see any growth within four months.

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