Sexual Problems in Men

Sex is the most intimate experience a couple can share. However, it can be frustrating and straining on a relationship when something beyond our control hampers it.

Sex is a complicated experience that involves physical, emotional, mental and chemical stimulation and trust. When any of these aspects doesn’t work in either partner, the intimacy won’t be as satisfying for both.

So while most common sexual “disorders” can be treated, some require a very different treatment than expected. Every case is different, just as every relationship is a unique combination of two unique individuals.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common sexual ailment among men. It is characterized by a man not being able to gain or maintain an erection, even after adequate stimulation.

This happens because of physical problems (such as high blood pressure or obesity), mental issues (such as stress, fatigue or depression) or emotional and relationship barriers that haven’t been resolved. Or it could just be age.

Premature Ejaculation

How fast is too fast? Usually premature ejaculation (PE) is only diagnosed if it bothers either of the partners. There is no set time because “too fast” is a subjective term.

Some men that “go off” at 20 seconds may feel satisfied, where others think 30 minutes is too fast. It is usually only “obviously” too fast if ejaculation happens during foreplay or immediately upon penetration.

On the other hand, men are wired to go off faster than women. If that weren’t the case there would be a lot fewer people on the earth than there are today.

Does Size Matter?

Many men hold insecurities in their physic. However, men aren’t as open about their physical insecurities as women. This leaves the air open to propaganda that will tell a man he’s too small.

So if you think you’re small, you’re probably average. Most men that get enlargements are usually unsatisfied with the results: much like anorexics or steroidal bodybuilders, they are never happy with the way they are.

However, there is no relationship between an erect and flaccid penis. Though the averages are around 5 and 3 inches respectively, but guys that are bigger flaccid usually don’t get much bigger erect. And “smaller” guys tend to grow more.

And in the end, it’s not about size, but the fit with your partner. She will probably be more satisfied than you realize.

The Cure

Though each sexual relationship is different, those seeking more satisfaction may want to seek out male enhancements. While most male enhancements are ineffective at best—or dangerous at worst—the best male enhancements are usually herbal remedies to help your body get back in order.

One such supplement is Vigrx Plus. It’s simple and safe herbal formula to help you conquer any sexual problem that could be ailing you.

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