Protecting the Penis From Loss of Sensation

Protecting the penis from loss of sensation should be the goal of any man who wants to live an active, enjoyable sex life for the rest of his days. But unfortunately, though a man applies the best possible penis care and does what he thinks are all the right things, he might still suffer from loss of penis sensation. The problem lies in the fact that sometimes, the everyday things that a man does happen to slowly diminish penis sensation, until there is a marked difference in how his penis reacts to touch.

The good news is that by spotting these potential issues early on, a guy can help ensure that his penis is in good shape, and his sensation is always top-notch. Here’s how.

1. Don’t go commando. Though it might feel great to go without underclothes for a while, it can actually be detrimental to penis sensation and sensitivity. That’s because the friction caused by jeans or other trouser material can be substantial, yet happen in such as gradual way that a guy doesn’t actually feel the irritation – or it’s not enough to make him want to put on underwear. This often results in a lack of penis sensation before a guy realizes it’s happening.

2. But don’t go too tight, either. Just as a man shouldn’t go commando too often, he also shouldn’t go with underwear that are binding or tight. These can diminish the circulation through the penis and surrounding area, and of course, blood flow is essential to keep the nerve endings in good health. Make sure boxers and briefs fit properly, and if anything cuts into the skin, a larger size is needed.

3. Always use lube. Though it might be tempting to go without lube in the midst of a hot encounter or even when a man is by himself and wants to try something different with masturbation, keep in mind that going ‘dry’ too often can lead to tiny irritations and even small tears in the penis skin, all of which can eventually lead to a loss of sensation.

4. And speaking of encounters… A guy who is enjoying a sexual encounter will want to ensure that he doesn’t do it the same way every time. Even though certain positions might come easier to him or he and a partner might prefer a particular angle, it pays to switch it up quite often, as this avoids any repeated pressure on one part of the penis. That can help ensure the entire penis stays as healthy as possible.

5. Avoid anything that irritates the penis. Switching to a different cleanser, using soap instead of soapless cleansers, using a new detergent on the sheets or clothing, or applying products that aren’t tested and proven safe are all ways to develop an allergic reaction on the penis and surrounding area. As the reaction often leads to rashing, which can then lead to tougher skin, it’s possible that too many allergic reactions can eventually diminish penis sensitivity.

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