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Like to say thanks to Ryan for letting me share my review Prosolution Plus solution plus

Initially when I was interested in getting prosolution for myself until I ran into a lot of crappy and uninformative reviews.

In fact, pretty much every review I read, along with the video reviews were completely uninformative, crap, and not very helpful.

Therefore, on this review I am giving you what I would have wanted when I was first interested in this product — a comprehensive look based on personal experience, research, and other customers feedback.

Okay, lets start.

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What Is It

pro solution plus boxProsolution has been one of the top sexual health supplements for 14 years.

With hundreds of thousands of happy customers over that time, as well as clinical studies, doctor endorsements, and the powerful products they make — it’s not a huge surprise as to why they are among the best in this industry.

Their newest and improved version of their line of products is the Prosolution Plus, which helps to increase overall sexual health and stamina, as well as helping to fix premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and improve erection quality.

It’s important to also note that prosolution plus can also give you a bigger dick — not because it actually increases the tissue size, but rather because of it’s effects on erection quality. I know first hand the huge difference in thickness and length a bulging blood filled dick can make over one that’s not quite hitting max EQ. And the difference really is a big deal. Which I will go more into in a bit.

How It Works

Prosolution Plus works through its propretairy formula that consists of powerful vitamins, minerals, and herbs that have been scientifically proven to cause dramatic increases in sexual performance.

Its purpose is to not only aid in the physical isses surrounding sexual health dysfunction but also the psychological — which as you may know can be just as big a factor as the physical for many people.

Through clinical studies and the results of many people who have been continually taking prosolution pills — here is what you can expect.

  • Increase dopamine — which aids in feelings of relaxion as pleasure — caused as a result of the mucuna pruriens ingredient found within this product
  • Provide better ejaculation control — so you can ejaculate more on your own terms rather then sooner
  • Better Erection Function — Clinical studies from user of have found that they were able to maintain and keep an erection 67% more than without using the product
  • Better Erection Quality — The nitric oxide in the product helps to shuttle and store more blood into the penis for bigger and harder erections
  • More Sex-Crazed — the ingredients have ancient Chinese roots that have been used for thousands of years to give men more sexual desire
  • Increased Orgasm Intensity — has been shown to increase the strength/pleasure of climax/orgasm

Prosolution Plus
Survey Results Below


In terms of actual use, you take 2 pills each day, and results (like all pills) will start to kick in around the 3 week mark once your body becomes saturated. The longer you take the pills typically the better results you will get, which usually are at their highest peak around the 3 month mark.

Something worth knowing is that — like all pills out there — the results are not permanent. When you go off the pills you will typically start to see the results fading. However, in some cases the results may be permanent — like if you just needed an extra boost to get you back to normal.

For example, sometimes various forms of sexual dysfunction can be brought about from psychological issues — where once you start getting results, those issues/fears/mental blocks that actually cause real issues to your sexual performance — permanently go away. In this case you just needed a nudge to get you there — I have definitely had this before.

Another example is when your body has not been producing certain chemicals for such a long time that it has kind of “forgot” how to be normal again, or is stuck in a loop of chronic dysfunction. Again sometimes getting a nudge from an external source (prosolution) can jolt things back to normal again over the long haul.

Prosolution Plus Ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris – An ancient chinese aphrodisiac herb known to relax the carpora cavernosa and allow more pressure for better erections.
  • An ancient chinese – aphrodisiac herb known to relax the carpora cavernosa and allow more pressure for better erections.
  • Withania Somnifera  – A natural nitric oxide booster that increase the blood flow to the penis — causing larger erections.
  • Asparagus Adscendens – Reduces stress and inflammation which can contribute to many problems.
  • Mucuna Pruriens -Pleasure booster. Increases dopamine which leads to a more euphoric state, as well as typically increasing sex drive.
  • Asteracantha Longifolia – Shown to significantly increase semen load, as well as orgasm power in men. Also, helps to have better control against premature ejaculation.
  • Asphaltum -Powerful natural remedy for aiding in sexual dysfuntion and premature ejaculation.
  • Curculigo Orchioides -Linked to greater sexual confidence, performance, and frequency.

Clinical Studies

Prosolution is known for its clinical studies and doctor endorsements.

Here the results of one of their clinical studies:

148 men between the ages of 21 and 60, that suffered from mild to moderate erectile issues, low interest in sex, and/or premature enjaculation were put to the test.

Half of them were given a placebo pill, and the other half were given Prosolution Plus.

The prosolution group’s results showed a:

    • 67% improvement in erection quality (EQ)
    • 48% increase in overall sexual function
    • 64% improvement in premature ejaculation
    • 78% improvement in sexual satisfaction

Additionally, for what it’s worth the product has also been endorsed by a rather authoritative surgeon:

My Prosolution Plus Results

Here is my prosolution pills review from personal experience:

After taking two pills a day for about 3 weeks I have definitely noticed increases in orgasm strength.In other words, ejaculating definitely feels more intense now than before which is great.

Additionally, I also seem to be releasing bigger loads as well. It’s not as if I can really measure this but there is a clear difference in the sheer force and weight of ejaculation that I feel emerging out of my dick upon release.

Something else is the difference in erection quality and overall hardness. I mentioned this earlier in this review, as the effects I’ve experienced personally are quite profound. I’ve been suffering from some chronic injuries for the past little while but still thought I had good erection quality and hardness — I was wrong. After taking these pills for a while I started to notice that my dick was just a lot more “bulgy” in general.

And by that I mean the blood I was receiving and retaining in my dick was improving the quality of my erection to the point where I was a bit longer and significantly harder than ever — or at least ever as in the past few years or so.

Although, where I saw the most improvement and increase was in girth. The amount of blood shuttling into my dick definitely has shown me what my “true girth” is really like. My dick literally feels about 30% heavier at all times (erect and flaccid) and the flaccid hang is definitely at least 20% thicker than before.

It’s important for me to say that results may vary here because I am pretty inactive and spend a ton of my time on the computer each day due to injuries. So for me the increase in blood flow clearly had pretty enormous effects on me. Though, if you are looking up this product then you probably have your own issues that are hindering you from your “true size” where it will have the same or similar size effects for you as well.

Also, in regards to premature ejaculation I have also seen pretty great benefits. I should note that I actually do not have issues with premature ejaculation, however, I have noticed that I last much longer now even when I am intentionally trying to cum quicker — as in the case of watching porn. Whether it is the actual ingredients directly effecting this or the overall increase in testosterone from those ingredients — I am not sure. But you better believe I will take it either way.

It’s hard to precisely measure things like this because a big part of time until ejaculation is a mental game as much as it can be a physical/physiological thing. However, with porn I’d say I last 2-3x as long as I used to even though I am deliberately not trying to last. With intercourse I’d say I last about 1.5-2x as long.

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Where To Buy It

Due to the fact that there are so many knockoffs and copycats out there for various products across the world — especially in PE — I would not recommend you go looking for prosolution discounts or cheap versions of this product because you might not be getting the real solution plus reviews

There’s also the fact that these are pills which means they can expire and lose potency over time — especially if they’ve been sitting on some shelf of some third party store for a long time, or been exposed to direct sunlight, harsh temperatures in transport, or excessive heat.

Therefore, I recommend you only get your product from the real manufacturers so you can ensure authenticity and that the route from manufacturer to your door is as short as possible to avoid complications previously described.

On this site I’ve provided links to the real manufacturer so you can use those and be sure you’re getting the real deal.

Click Here To Visit Prosolution Plus Official Website


Overall I am extremely satisfied with the results from taking prosolution plus.

The results to my erection quality, erection hardness, orgasm strength, time until ejaculation, and even size have all significantly improved.

I will also say this.

If you are interested in trying any penis/sexual boosting pill in general then I would strongly recommend that you start with one of — if not — the best pill on the market today, which IMO is the Prosolution Plus. Few others to consider are Vigrx Plus and Male Extra!

With their 14 year track record of hundreds of thousand of happy customers and the results I personally experienced — it is a no brainer for me to recommend this product.

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