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Let’s get something dead straight before we start.

I hate being scammed out of my money.  I hate it even more than you do, so much so that I started this website.

I have been burned so many times and have wasted so much money on “snake oil” that I decided to start exposing the websites , traders, merchants and products that have SCAMMED me in the past.

Male Extra
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“But first, let’s start with how I got here, and why I’m writing this…”

I have actually managed to do what many guys only dream of.  I have enlarged my penis with 3 inches to a total length of 9,15 inches.  But this came at a price.  In dollar terms, a very big price.  I had to learn through trial and error what works, what is a waste of time and what is an out right scam.

And I can tell you from experience, there are MANY “snake oil” vendors out there that will just take your money and run.

I want to help guys out there like me and let them know how not to burn their money and waste their time.

I can also tell you here now that you can enlarge your penis!  If I can do it, you can it.

For most of my life I believed I had a below average penis size.  And what was lacking the most because of this was my CONFIDENCE.  I was afraid to approach women, and once I did, I was afraid to get intimate.  I tried to avoid sex for as long as I could because of my fear of rejection.

I did have grounds for these fears, as I was laughed at and publicly humiliated by an ex girlfriend one time when during an “unfriendly” encounter at a restaurant she got up and said aloud “and by the way, you have a small F…ing dick!”.  Needless to say, that was the end of our relationship….

I’ve studied enlargement for the last four years in my quest for a larger penis and I’ve been able to add 3 ½ inches in size to my penis in the process.

So yes, the secret is out!   You can in fact enlarge your penis permanently.

Sound like a joke…? Its not. And let me tell you:

“Those extra three inches make all the difference!”

Do you know what 3 inches of extra penis size looks like?

male extra

Can you imagine having this much size added onto your current size?  What will it do for your confidence?  What will your lover say?  Will she be impressed?  Do you think it will delight her?

You bet it will…..

And I am here to tell you it is possible, I have done it and so have thousands of other men and you can do it too.

I still remember the “old days” when I’d walk into a shower or men’s locker room and be ashamed – even embarrassed. It seemed everyone else was born exceptionally endowed except me.

“But now it’s different!”

Now it feels as if someone handed me what I’ve always wanted. Absolute confidence!  It’s literally a DREAM COME TRUE for me… My confidence now almost border on “arrogance”.  There is a certain “swagger” in my walk. And this confidence translates into success.

My success with approaching and dating women has everything to do with my renewed confidence.  Women LOVE a confident man.  And knowing that you can satisfy almost any woman gives you a certain type of confidence that is worth all the money in the world!

” So how did I add those Inches and did Male Extra have anything to do with it?”

This is what I want to share it with you! I want to show you how to add penis size using tried and proven techniques…

It’s a system that has worked for me and thousands of men like me including some very well known porn stars. It can work for you too!

male extra sex pill review

You see, I have been a member of an exclusive forum for a year or two now(you get access to the same forum when you order male extra pills) In this forum there are a number of guys like me who have successfully enlarged their penises.  These guys have walked the walked, been there, done that and I have learned almost everything I know from them.

The most common method of penis enlargement amongst these guys, is through penis exercises. Following a daily regimen of certain exercises that add inches to your penis.  This certainly works and was the first real penis growth that I experienced.

But I was not satisfied with my progress and the size I was gaining compared to the time I was spending on the exercise routines.  It felt like something was “missing”, or that I was missing some vital clue and that somehow…..

The “gurus” were into something that I did not know about… there was still some “secret”…

There was a secret…

And they eventually shared it.  And now I will share it with you.  Their secret was supplementation.

These gurus had all been using supplements to one degree or another to accelerate their penis growth and obtain bigger penises faster than the guys like me just using exercise routines.

It all made sense to me.  The body building champions of today will have NO WHERE CLOSE to the massive looking muscle bulk they have if it was not for their use of supplementation.  The recent advances in supplementation science has caused unprecedented gains in muscle mass and none of today’s bulky champion body builders would look like they do without the myriad of supplement products that they are using.

Supplementation is a very big part of their success.

The “gurus” in the forum were just following the body builder’s example.  Adding supplementation to their penis enlargement exercise routines.

They mentioned a couple of products they were using but my “mentor” in the forum mentioned Male Extra Pills as his favorite method of supplementation in a private message to me.

I was VERY skeptical to say the least, but I had to trust him as he had already the “goods” (10,75 inch monster) and he had no incentive to lie to me.

So I visited the Male Extra Website and saw that it had been featured in Maxim, FHM, Penthouse and Rolling Stone magazines.

They also had some real doctor testimonials on the site and not these “fake” ones you see all over the place that gave me confidence in the company and product.

And seeing that they offered a money back guarantee (I subsequently found out that they do honor their guarantees) I decided to order some.

I wanted to order just one bottle to test it, but my “mentor” from the forum said I should order at least a 4 – 5 month supply to get the real benefits.  So I ordered the 5 month supply.

I had spend thousands on potions and gimmicks and now there I was, ordering something again that I did not “trust”.   But my forum mentor was adamant that I should order at least a four to five  month supply.  So I did.

What happened next amazed even me….

I ordered the pills online and had no troubles during the ordering process.  I even mailed their support once or twice with some questions I had about the program and they were very responsive and answered usually within 24 hours, mostly 4 – 5 hours later.

My order arrived in due time in an non-descript unmarked package and I got my box of Male Extra Pills all in tact.

male extra box

I followed my mentor’s advice and took them as prescribed.

I will be honest, for the first week and a half I noticed absolutely nothing.  But I persisted and took my pills daily.  I also continued with my penis exercise routine.

After week two I guess, I started to notice that my sex drive was increasing.  Slowly at first, but then it became noticeable.  Over and above my usual “hornyness” I was really getting worked up more than usual.

Then my erections started to become harder and stronger.  Man, I have never felt so big in my life.  Just about every erection was rock hard and solid.  And still my sex drive increased.

And then I started to notice the increase in penis size…  To make a very long story short….

Here are my results  :

  • I had 1,25 inches growth in 27 weeks using just penis exercises.

  • I had 2,05 inches growth in just under 17 weeks once I added Male Extra Pills!

“MALE EXTRA PILLS Accelerates Penis Growth Like No Other Product I have Tried Before”

I love the results!  And they speak for themselves.  Where before I was struggling to add inches, it now started to add it on with rapid speed.  I was a “slow gainer” before I stared and the pills made all the difference.

Here are some of the Ingredients :

  • Pomegranate 70% ellagic 500mg

  • L-Arginine 500mg

  • Muira Pauma 150mg

  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg

  • Epimedium Sagittatum 50mg

  • Tongkat Ali 20:1 extract 50mg

  • Flaxseed 50mg

  • Maca 25mg

  • L-Methionine 25mg

  • Cordyceps 5mg

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid 25mg

  • Ginseng

  • Saw Palmetto

Now I do not know if any of these ingredients separately do anything on their own, but man, somehow as a combination in the Male Extra Pills formulation it packs a potent punch.

Apart from having added inches to my penis it has a number of other positive spin offs that I am experiencing.

  • Increased confidence and performance

  • Hard, rock solid erections on demand

  • Fuller more powerful erections

  • Powerful sexual drive and performance

  • I last longer in bed and I have no more premature ejaculation.

Their pills combine the latest technologies and oldest herbal awareness to offer you the most value for money penis patch on the market. Pills are 100% natural and safe. Tested by independent researchers, Male Extra Pills were found to be the safest blend of herbs available.

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“Did I Mention You Get Some Bonuses?”

male extra pills

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1. Free Shipping

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  • Enjoy rock solid, bigger, harder erections

  • Experience all night staying power

  • Control when you ejaculate

Remember, the DVD also includes instructions on how to accurately measure your penis, general penis health advice and techniques on controlling your ejaculation.

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And a solid 90 day money back guarantee.  I have subsequently had many dealings with the company who owns Male Extra, and they actually honor their guarantees.

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“What distinguishes Male Extra Pills from other pills out there?”

Apart from some of the best support and service I have had on the Net, Male Extra potent blend of ingredients really goes to work.

I have looked at a number of pills and tried one or two others, but none has the sheer potency of ingredients like Male Extra.

You get potent ingredients all with proven abilities to enhance and improve your penis including blood flow.

But what sets them apart is the fantastic Penis Enlargement Program (Penis Health)

I truly believe this is what sets them apart from the rest.  You will not find more quality effective ingredients in any other pill on the market.

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