Male Oral Sex Tips – From a Womans Perspective

Couples know that a healthy sex life includes all forms of sex, including the oral variety. Men who are on the receiving end of oral sex rank it as one of their favorite experiences – but how is it for the woman administering the pleasure? The following tips, which include but also move beyond issues of basic penis health, are things any man should consider when presenting himself to be orally blessed.

Cleanliness counts

This is a big no-brainer – but sometimes when we guys think about sex, our brains do tend to shut off. No one wants to place something with a questionable appearance or an unpleasant odor into their mouths; that’s just common sense. Men need to be practicing appropriate penis hygiene already, but take it that extra step if oral sex is on the menu. The penis needs to be washed regularly and preferably again as the time for oral sex draws near. Using a penis health crème can help to deal with common issues, such as dry penis skin (which can present as flaky skin or rashiness) and penis odor.

Let her choose the position

Lots of dudes find the “man standing, woman kneeling” position for oral sex to be especially exciting; however, it’s not a position that a woman may prefer. (The sore knees alone are enough to make it undesirable). Since she’s going to be doing all the work and the male is going to be reaping all the benefits, it’s only proper to let the woman choose how she wishes to please the male.

Deep may be an exception

Porn films have made men expect women to blithely engulf their member all the way down their throat – and there are some women who are happy to engage in this particular form of oral sex. However, the deeper a man goes, the more likely she is to gag, so it’s unreasonable to automatically expect this particular style. Men should be prepared to expect (and happily accept) an approach in which the penis is pleasured without being engulfed down to the base.

Ask – and give a little warning

Men can be turned on by different things. Some guys really enjoy it when a woman swallows their semen. Others get off of pulling the penis out when it is erupting and watching it spray on the woman. And still others are perfectly happy to pull out and just let the semen land on themselves or the sheets. It’s a good idea to ask what the partner prefers. If a man has a distinct preference, he may ask something like “Do you mind if I release while you have your mouth around me?” But it’s good to clarify the course of action at least a little in advance.

And whatever the decision, it’s important that the man gives a little advance warning so that the woman may properly prepare.

Turnabout is fair play

This should be another no-brainer. If a woman has orally pleased a man, he should willingly offer to return the favor. Otherwise, that little bout of oral sex may be the last he gets from this partner.

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