Male Obsession With Sex

As an ex-medical student this subject was often discussed. Men are the seekers of solutions to mysteries and sex has been one of the greatest. In ancient times women were considered to be impregnated by the sun, which was the Mother God. Somehow they thought that she put babies inside them when they were exposed. In South America there are people who think that swimming with dolphins (a form of the Mother God) will impregnate them.

This was so entrenched in thinking prior to knowledge to the contrary that women were either confined to shelters or covered so as to prevent sun-light from touching them. Not until agriculture and the keeping of domesticated animals did the light dawn. As females in flocks did not get pregnant when separated from the males they put two and to together.

Even then the thinking was that once impregnated the woman showed the swelling immediately. That means the did not realise the identity of the real father. As women were mated by several partners the problem could not be resolved until they were isolated.

It took a long time before realisation that a woman’s body does not show pregnancy for some four months. In some cultures, this is still a mystery with many tribal groups, such as the Australian aborigines and Trobriand Islanders, having no word in their language for ‘father’.

In these places women were gifted to men who came to their tribes to trade goods. This improved the genetic balance within a moiety and ensured healthier offspring. Even in Egypt and regions around the Levant where agriculture is believed to have started, it was a woman who headed the family. These matriarchal communities were global and one of my studies involved the Maya, of Mexico.

While they had kings and chiefs to lead their societies there was still a great deal of confusion over the power of women. Men were seeking to mate with the Mother God and put their energies into that goal. The sexual images they carved in ancient sites suggest they were engaged in foreplay prior to sacrificing their lives to that cause.

The further my research went into this the obscener some of the images became. In many locations they would be classified as pornographic. They are explicit about the act of sex but there are no images of women other than the Mother God in most places. It’s as though women did not exist. They certainly had little to do with the after-life.

In the case of the Maya Queens were depicted conducting a degree of sacrifice upon their bodies. Whereas the men would pull strings with spikes attached through their penis women were shown doing the same with their tongues. The pain must have been extraordinary and no explanation is given. One can only assume it was to show bravery.

Around 3000 to 4000 years ago a change in behaviour occurred in the Near East that shows a shift in sexual behaviour. Long houses were built that could house several families. This was followed by a period when single dwelling homes appeared. This could only mean that men ‘married’ or took individual women as their mates. It does not point to an understanding of pregnancy.

During the time of the Roman Empire the confusion over sex led to religious stories, such as the Virgin Birth. No one, at that time, realised that one required chromosomes from both parents to produce an offspring. All that was known is that men impregnated women.

This lack of knowledge led to the Catholic Church announcing a date in August for the conception of Jesus Christ, some 4 months before he was supposedly born.

Only in recent years has the mystery of sex and conception been fully explained. It has taken a lot of research and satisfaction from explanations that are proven correct. There can be no such things as a virgin birth and a woman conceive nine months before delivery. The sun is not responsible for the conception and women need not cover up while outside.

Even with all this knowledge men are still obsessed with sex and their hormones are to blame, not their desire to mate with the Mother God.

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