Is Itchy Penis Due to the Bedding?


Is there a male alive who hasn’t experienced an uncomfortably itchy penis at one point of another? Guys know that the occasional uncontrollable urge to scratch is going to hit them, even if they practice really good and conscientious penis care. But knowing that some itchiness is inevitable doesn’t mean a guy won’t find ways to minimize this annoyance as much as possible. That’s why he may need to take a little look at his bedding to see if his sheets and blankets may be contributing to an itchy penis situation.


Why should bedding be a possible cause of an itchy penis? Well, there actually are several reasons. Often an itchy penis is the result of what is commonly called contact dermatitis. This means that the sensitive penis skin comes in contact with something that causes it to develop a skin reaction. This may be a rash, bumps, hives, redness or simply itchiness all by itself.


Very often, contact dermatitis on the penis results from harsh chemicals used in cleaning products. Strong soaps or detergents often wreak havoc on delicate skin, as can the fragrances that are added to cleansers to give a fresher smell. Bleach, especially chlorine bleach, can also cause skin issues to erupt.

So let’s say a man is doing his best to be a responsible bachelor and is keeping his bedding regularly cleaned – and therefore more attractive to the women he wants to grace it. If the cleaning products he is using on the sheets, blankets and comforters are too strong, they may “rub off” on the penis and create an itchy condition.

This can be true if a man wears underwear or pajamas to bed (especially if his clothing is washed with the same cleaning products). But it’s even more likely if the man sleeps in the nude, allowing his penis to rub directly against the sheets. And when engaging in coupling, the penis will again have direct exposure to the bedclothes. Truth be told, it’s not uncommon for a man to masturbate by thrusting his penis against his sheets – and the combination of cleanser-based chemicals and thrust-derived friction can combine to make an especially itchy penis.


But the threat of harsh cleansers doesn’t mean a guy should avoid washing his bedding. Being non-hygienic is equally bad, especially in terms of potential penis itch. No matter how clean a guy may be, bedding becomes dirty over time. Bacteria accumulates, especially when a man sweats a lot while sleeping. Dirt is brought into the bed just as a matter of course.

And if a man has pets that like to sleep on his bed – with him, or during the day when he’s away – they bring their own animal dander and dirt with them as well. Even human bedmates can add something unwanted to the bedding, from a strong perfumed scent to pubic lice or even bedbugs. (That’s one reason why it’s a good idea to wash bedclothes after a sexual encounter, even if they were washed just before the encounter!)

So the trick is to make sure the bedding is kept good and clean, but that the soaps and detergents used are sufficiently mild to avoid any reactions.

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