How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed Sexually

Do you know how to satisfy a woman in bed? Do you know how to make a woman orgasm during sex? Do you know how much a woman would be pleased with you if you were able to give her her first orgasm? When you think about male enhancement and penis enlargement do you only think about what it can do for you and your small or average penis?

Isn’t the main reason you want a bigger penis that you want to make your wife, girlfriend, or lover happy in bed? You can play with yourself and masturbate all you want but the real pleasure is having incredible sex with a woman. Hearing her scream out loud when you make her cum and she has an orgasm.

But sadly most women do not have an orgasm through intercourse alone. They require more stimulation to their clitoris and surrounding pubic area to get off. If you want to know how to give a woman an orgasm you need to know what arouses her and what makes her feel good. You have to know how to give the best cunniligus or going down on her as well.

Most women say their men don’t really like doing this to a woman. And that may be why only 1/3rd of women have regular orgasms during sex.

If you are asking yourself “how do I sexually please a women?” then cunniligus is your best bet. The clitoris is much more sensitive than the head of your penis. If you use your tongue to lick it and suck it for a few minutes she will moan and become more aroused and capable of having her first orgasm with you. And that will separate you from all the other guys who do not want to perform cunniligus.

She will be calling you late at night when she’s horny and looking to have some fun because you give her what she wants and can satisfy her.

Spend more time touching and caressing her body and worrying about making her have an orgasm before you worry about sticking your penis into her vagina. Women have a lot more erogenous zones than you do. This gives you more areas to explore on her body. Take 5, 10, 15 more minutes working on her body before, during, and after sex and you will really please your woman. Because most guys do not do this.

Spend 5 minutes licking, sucking, caressing her breasts and nipples. Did you know some women can have an orgasm just from doing this to them? Explore all over with your tongue and gently with your hands and you will be amazed at how much this makes her moan and writhe around.

This is how to make a woman orgasm. This is how to please a woman in bed. This is what you need to start doing if you want to learn how to satisfy a woman. It’s not all about having a big 10 or 12 inch penis. The best male enhancement you can do is learn how to give women multiple orgasms during sex and that means you have to be able to last longer and control your ejaculation. You have to be able to get a rock hard erection and maintain it when you have warmed her up.

The anticipation from when you get her clothes off and into bed can be unbearable and make it hard to hold your load but if you can take the time to please her sexually and make her have her first orgasm she will never forget you and you will have a very happy woman who wants to do it over and over again. Then you can have an orgasm and be happy you have satisfied your woman sexually.

Ultimately that is more important than if you have a small penis or a big penis.

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