Fun Ways to Build Sexual Tension and Tease Your Lover

I know I’ve said it before, but I don’t think it can ever be said too often. The secret to hot, earth-shaking, body-quaking, soul-enlightening sex, (which is what we all want, isn’t it?) is arousal.

The more heightened your state of arousal, the more enjoyable sex will be, it really is that simple. One of the best ways to build arousal, is through a little teasing and a big healthy dose of sexual tension. And, of course, that works both ways. Men and women love a little sexual anticipation. In fact, teasing your lover will excite you, too. So, here are just some of the ways you can build sexual tension.

Send Flirty Messages Throughout the Day

Whether you choose to use your cell phone or your computer, try sending him naughty, flirty or dirty texts or emails during the day. This is a great way to set his motor running and ensure that you are on his mind all day. He is almost certain to reciprocate and, by the time the two of you get home at night, you’ll both be feeling hot under the collar.

Blindfold Him

It’s the safe side of kinky, but it’s very exciting. Men are very visual creatures, they get quickly aroused by what they see. If they can’t see, it drives them just a little bit crazy. In addition, while effectively blind, his other senses are heightened, including his sense of touch – so take this opportunity to give him a sensual massage. You might also want to tell him a sexy story, because without the distraction of his eyes, his imagination will kick into overdrive.

Bring Some Food Into the Bedroom

I’m not talking about a bowl of popcorn, although I’m sure you could make that sexy somehow, but I’m talking about sensual foods. Think cream, chocolate sauce, juicy pieces of fruit. Why not try feeding each other, or eating off your lover’s body? It’s an exciting prelude to intercourse. If, when you’re licking cream from your lover’s body, you go so far, but then pull back, it’s a great tease and a wonderful promise of things to come.

Try Edible Body Paint

Just like food, edible body paint can add some extra va-va-voom into your foreplay. However, body paints offer the added bonus of being able to use your lover’s body as a canvas. You could write words on him or draw pictures (even if you’re not very good at art). Use your finger, a paintbrush or any other appropriate tool to create your masterpiece, while softly caressing your lover’s body. It’s fun, a little ticklish at times and incredibly sexy. Use the opportunity to seek out all of your lover’s most sensitive spots!

These are, of course, just a few suggestions for fun ways to build sexual tension and tease your lover. Depending on your tastes and his, there is an endless number of other things you might like to try. However, if your sex life has become a little ‘boring’ recently, these ideas provide a great way to spice things up.


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