ED Treatment: the Future Belongs to Revolutionary Methods

Undoubtedly, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a real bolt from the blue for all men. And unfortunately, no one is impervious to this problem. But if you faced it, it’s not a reason to lose courage. The discoveries of recent decades in the field of erectile neurophysiology have led to the development of fundamentally new drugs for the treatment of this disorder. The author of an article, blogger and ED researcher who has own site offers the list of the latest non-standard approaches to the impotence treatment. So let’s look them through.

Uprima. Apomorphine, the active substance of this medication, is a dopamine agonist. It means that this drug improves erectile function in men by enhancing the natural erectile signals. These signals arise during sexual stimulation. Safety is the most crucial advantage of Uprima. Even the initial studies of this medication comparing to placebo showed a significant improvement in erectile function and sexual intercourse enjoyment. So, Uprima is a fast-acting and effective remedy for the impotence treatment. These pills are used for treating men with mild-to-moderate psychological erectile dysfunction. This medicine has no contraindications to taking hypertension medications and nitrates. In addition, it doesn’t affect the basic human physiological parameters. In some countries, except for the United States, Uprima is already sold for the ED treatment.

Topiglan. The new medication where Alprostadil is the main active substance is used for the topical treatment of erectile dysfunction. Indeed, this topical gel is a great alternative for those men who don’t want to take pills and for whom penile injections are unacceptable. It intensifies the blood circulation in the penis. The gel starts working in a few minutes after application. The primary research demonstrated the effectiveness of Topiglan where the other ED drugs are ineffective or even dangerous. Thus, this gel doesn’t interact with the other drugs. Therefore, even those men who take nitrates, as well as high blood pressure medications, heart disease medications, and diabetes medications, can successfully apply Topiglan. However, it should be remembered that the study of Topiglan has not yet been completed.

Melanocortin activators. This medicine has to be taken nasally. Actually, it’s a distinctive feature of this drug. It has a direct impact on the central nervous system, namely the brain. The animal studies have proved the ability of melanocortin activators to cause an erection. And most importantly, this drug didn’t have side effects. As for humans, the initial studies are just beginning. But it’s already clear that this drug helps the patients if the erectile dysfunction is psychological in nature. However, if the physical issues cause erectile dysfunction, this remedy is helpless. The medicine is still under development. It has not been launched yet.

Gene therapy. The animal and human studies demonstrated that a truly revolutionary method of erectile dysfunction treatment may soon emerge. According to scientists, the gene therapy effects will last much longer comparing to the drugs that men have to take immediately before sexual intercourse. Undoubtedly, this can incomparably improve the spontaneity and naturalness of sexual relationships. Besides, this method allows treating patients who suffer from penile nerve damage. The therapy implies the injections of specific genes into the penis. Thus, these genes include GDNF gene and NRTN gene which contribute to the increased nerve growth. In this case, the impotence treatment with well-known drugs is useless. Consequently, the gene therapy is an excellent solution for men with erectile dysfunction that is a result of prostate cancer chemotherapy. The human studies showed great results. And the side effects occur in a small number of cases. So, the potential of a new treatment method is really enormous.

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