Easing the Itchy Penis: When Dealing With Eczema

Eczema is actually a rather common condition, with many people suffering from it from time to time. Eczema is an inflammation of the skin that produces itching, redness, dry areas and in the most severe cases, skin that appears to be blistered. The good news is that excellent penis care can help a guy feels much better, and might help keep the symptoms at bay altogether.

An eczema ‘attack’ is known as a ‘flare.’ To avoid flares – and to help the skin heal if a flare does happen – a man needs to look into these hygiene rules for penis eczema.

1. Clean properly. A man with eczema should never choose soap to clean his body; he should instead opt for a soapless cleanser that is much gentler on the skin. Other tips include taking showers with lukewarm water only, ensuring there is no lather residue left on the body, and patting the skin dry with a towel – never rub, as this could make eczema much worse.

2. Use moisturizers. Anywhere on the body that suffers from eczema deserves a slathering of moisturizing cream. This will help to dramatically soften the skin and help ease the itchy that can come from dryness. Look for moisturizers that don’t have any fragrance or added chemicals; an all-natural product is best.

3. Relieve the itching. It can be easy to simply say “don’t scratch that,” but in reality, that advice often falls on deaf ears. And of course it does – when something itches as badly as eczema, not scratching at the spot can feel like torture! That’s why a man should take steps to avoid the itching in the first place. During a particularly bad penis eczema flare, a man can turn to over the counter antihistamines and cold compresses to ease the skin and keep the itch at bay.

4. Figure out the allergies. Men who have eczema often have some sort of allergies as well; many doctors believe that the two are related. So when a man suffers from eczema flares, he should make an appointment with the physician to figure out what allergies might be causing the problem. Once he knows that, he can tackle the allergy itself, thus making it easier to treat the eczema.

5. Keep a constant temperature. A room that is far too hot or too cold can lead to a flare. That’s why so many people complain of eczema getting worse during the summer or winter months. This can be especially bad for penis eczema, as the penis is often trapped behind a few layers of clothing, thus adding to the heat. Going bare as often as possible (in the privacy of home, of course) and keeping the temperature in the house comfortable is a great idea.

6. Choose the right clothing. A man wants to wear clothing that allows his skin to breathe, which in turn gets plenty of air to the areas of eczema. Wearing tight clothing that chafes or keeps the penis ‘trapped’ behind layers can actually make an eczema flare worse, no matter how many other helpful tips a man tries to alleviate the itch.

7. Get rid of stress. Interestingly, men who are under significant stress report a higher incidence of eczema flares. This indicates that stress really does reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, which in turn allows eczema to become worse. Doing anything it takes to reduce stress can eventually lead to fewer eczema flares.

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