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Ryan is the owner of this website. I personally love to play golf and go to the Gym. I've been health blogging for a good 10 years now and have found a real passion for it. This blog is a bit different then some of the other stuff i write about LOL :)

Cholesterol and the Erect Penis

A healthy body is a wonderful thing for a man to have; few things are as precious as good health. It’s also worth noting that a man’s overall health can also have an impact specifically on his penis health. Since…
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Can BPAs Damage a Healthy Penis?

Practicing regular penis care is one habit from which every man can benefit. After all, maintaining a healthy penis is a prerequisite for having a happy (and active) penis. In addition to taking typical steps like washing regularly and giving…
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Penis Health 101: Is Hot Tub Play Really Safe?

Hot tubs offer a variety of great reasons to indulge. Not only do they make a great sensual play space for those who are so inclined, they also serve the very practical purpose of soothing sore muscles and helping a…
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Hypersensitivity: What to Do About Too Much Penis Sensation

When it comes to penis sensation, most men would be quite happy to have more of it. That’s why there are so many products on the market that claim to help build a man’s penis sensitivity or provide new ways…
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Penis Odor: Blame Thioalcohols

Until they become sexually active, most guys don’t pay much (if any attention) to penis odor. They tend to not be too concerned with whether their penis has a pronounced odor in the locker room, because locker rooms are known…
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When Not to Use Prescription Drugs for an Erect Penis

Advances in treatments that enable a man to more easily attain an erect penis have made a huge difference among men in whom erectile dysfunction can be an issue. These developments have had a clear impact on sexual and penis…
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Attention Cyclists: How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

When a man is spending a lot of time on his bicycle, he’s likely doing what he can to promote his best possible health. But what happens when all that bike riding leads to serious penis health problems? Unfortunately, many…
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The Pros and Cons of Having a Vasectomy

When guys reach that point in their lives when they know they don’t want children (or they have plenty of them and don’t want more!), they often choose to undergo a vasectomy. Most men who undergo the procedure have no…
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Penis Health Primer: Signs of a Latex Allergy

When the savvy guy engages in any penetrative sexual activity, he does it the right way – by wearing a condom. Taking care to avoid sexually transmitted infections is a key component of excellent penis care, and most men are…
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