Aphrodisiacs for Men


A healthy relationship requires communication, trust and intimacy. Unfortunately, intimacy is controlled with hormones, and if something is wrong with those, a relationship can suffer.Both men and women need testosterone to become aroused. However, directly supplementing with testosterone usually only helps older men who aren’t producing as much of their own. However, there are dozens of herbs that have been used for thousands of years to stimulate libido to increase performance. These compounds are called aphrodisiacs.


One of the most well-known aphrodisiacs is chocolate. However, recent studies have shown that the active aphrodisiacs in chocolate are mostly broken down by the enzyme MAO, weakening its effect.

Another very common aphrodisiac is yohimbine, a chemical that comes from Yohimbe. It stimulates genital blood-flow and increases sensitivity to stimulation. However, as a stimulant it can have side effects.

Ginseng is also an herb that has been used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac among other uses. It promotes general good-health and boosts the body’s systems, including the reproductive system.

Other Common Aphrodisiacs

Epimedium grandiflorum– also known as Horny Goat Weed. The name says it all.

Eurycoma longifolia– known to work as an aphrodisiac, but there are many fakes.

Lepidium meyenii– known commonly as maca, it was eaten by Incan warriors before battle. It was said their leaders had to call off capturing cities to protects the women of the city from the virile warriors.

Tribulus terrestris– this prickly plant has been shown to be a testosterone booster.

Mucuna pruriens– comes from a seed-pod protected by a very itchy fuzz. However, this is not a problem for consumer.

Plectranthus barbatus– also called Coleus Forskohlii, it works as a vasodilator and testosterone booster.

Turnera diffusa– more commonly called, Damiana. It is a relaxing herb found from Texas to Central America.


Viagra and similar prescription pills are not aphrodisiacs because they don’t increase libido. They instead increase genital blood-flow, which by some is seen as an increased arousal.

Hops (an ingredient in beer) is often sold as an aphrodisiac, but actually hurts libido. Many herbs sold as aphrodisiacs actually aren’t, and only work as placebos.

What Works Best?

There are many natural male enhancements that contain these ingredients and help stimulate the libido. However, with the massive variety to choose from, it goes to be said that only a few work as they should.

One such male enhancement is Male Extra. It contains all the ingredients you need—in the amount you need them—to keep Mama happy.

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