A Quick Comparison Between Penis Pumps and Extenders

Although penis pumps and penis extenders have the same purpose i.e. enlarge and strengthen the penis their working principle is entirely different. Also there is a big difference in the end results that these devices produce and also the amount of time taken to achieve the desired results. Below is a quick comparison which highlights the major differences between a penis pump and a penis extender:-

Main Definition

 Penis Extenders are a type of mechanical device that is designed to add a permanent gain to the size and length of your penis. They are a kind of traction device which applies a gentle but steady force to the head of your penis thus forcing it to stretch and extend in size. Penis Pumps can be both mechanical as well as battery operated device. Penis pumps are used to gain a temporary but quick increase in penis size and girth. Penis pumps help you achieve a rock hard erection through the principle of suction. The ability of a penis pump to achieve an instant size gain of your penis makes it the most popular male enhancement product in the market today!!

 Main Usage

 The main usage of a penis extender or a traction device is to make a permanent increase in the size of your penis. It can also be used to treat peyronies disease or a bent penis and also to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence. Penis pumps on the other hand are recommended by doctors for the sole purpose of treating erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps can also create a temporary increase in the size and girth of your penis.

Working Principle of These Devices

 Penis extenders work on the principle of traction i.e. exerting a steady pressure on the head of the penis forcing it to stretch and increase in size through multiplication of the internal cells of your organ. Penis pumps on the other hand work on the principle of suction which helps to draw the blood from the adjoining areas of the penis and fill up the spongy tissues inside your organ thus helping it to get hard and ready for intercourse in no time. This erection is temporary and typically lasts for a few hours which is more than sufficient for a satisfying sexual intercourse.

Amount Of Time Required To Get Desired Results

 Penis extenders need to be used for a couple of hours every day over a period of a few months so that you get to see an increase in the length of penis. The changes in the length of your organ takes place slowly but the size gains are permanent. Penis pumps on the other hand only require two to three minutes to achieve a rock hard erection sufficient for intercourse but the size gains are only temporary and long term increase in penis size should not be expected.

Working Process of These Devices

 Penis extenders or traction devices applies force on the penile tissue which causes microscopic tissue ruptures at the cell level. After some time these ruptures heal and generates additional tissues which helps the penile tissue to grow fuller and longer. Though this process looks like an extreme step it must be stated that the traction force applied on the penis is controlled and you need to buy a high quality penis extender to ensure your safety. On the other hand, penis pumps create a vacuum pressure on the penis which sucks in blood from the adjoining areas forcing the penis to become fuller and harder due to increased blood pressure.

 Final Results

 Penis extenders provide a permanent size gain of one to three inches in the length of your penis and one to two inches in girth as well. Penis pumps on the other hand provide a quick and temporary increase of one to three inches in the length and up to an increase of three inches in girth. The quick erection generated by a penis pump is enough to complete a satisfying sexual intercourse and the pump can be applied just before intercourse for having a rock hard erection.


 Penis extenders are safe and effective device that gives you a permanent increase in size although it works slowly over a period of a few months. Penis pumps when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions are safe and effective but provide only temporary size gains that you achieve almost instantly. However, overenthusiastic and improper use of the penis pump causes permanent damage to the penile tissue and for this reason they should not be used for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. Penis extenders are very expensive and can cost between $300-$400. On the other hand, penis pumps are relatively cheap and usually cost between $100-$150 making them extremely popular amongst penis enlargement enthusiasts.

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