A Bigger Base Or A Bigger Head?

You may be confused about the conflicting reports that many of the things about the penis and the way women feel about it that are coming about.

Men are now struggling to keep up with the entire issue because of the fact that many of the women in the world are now looking for something that is all together different than what they were saying.

That hardly makes sense to a lot of men and that is the reason why you need to take the time to pay attention to what is being said. There are many things about the size and the shape of the penis that women have changed their mind about in recent years.

This is nothing out of the ordinary as researchers have been noticing the many changes as they continue to study the way that the female mind works through the idea of penis size and sexual relations.

These changes have often times perplexed the common man as he continues to look for ways to please the women that he is with. With the pleasing comes the idea that they need to be in the same area as the rest of the world when it comes to the concept of sex and the over all feeling of pleasure.

Pleasure is mostly a mind set along with the nerves that are housed inside the sexual organs. So we have to look at the way the women are combining this kind of theory into one single step. That step is the key to understanding why and how the woman comes to be in a state of erotic pleasure and so on.

The main question that many men are trying to answer is whether they should get a bigger penis base or penis head. This is a matter of some complication when it comes to the over all theory that women are not in the caring mood about the penis.

However, the recent studies show that women care more about the size and the shape of the penis now more than ever. So we must answer the question when we undertake the idea of penis enlargement.

You do not want to make a mistake that could be very costly to fix down the road. That is a common area for concern and this means that most of the people in the world are going to want to know the answer.

According to a recent pole of women who were not asked to identify themselves, the bigger base is far more pleasurable then the bigger head. The women have said that they can feel the head entering but it does not do very much after that.

With the idea of a bigger base you have the chance that the clit will be stimulated during normal intercourse and that is a very exciting concept to most women. It usually takes stimulation of the clit to bring many women to orgasm. So it is most certainly better for you to get the bigger base rather than mess with the bigger head. 

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