4 Tantalizing Facts About Premature Ejaculation You Don’t Want To Miss!

Understanding how to naturally control premature ejaculation is much easier than most expect it to be. The first step to doing this is knowing the basic facts surrounding this common condition. Without a solid foundation, naturally curing premature ejaculation will be an uphill battle. Here are four important facts that you must know.

Fact 1 – How do I know whether or not I have premature ejaculation?

Obviously, in order to cure a condition you need to have one first! Premature ejaculation is a condition that is remarkably common among men across the world. The condition is most commonly defined as when you ejaculate within 2 minutes after penetration. It is also considered a condition when you ejaculate before you or your partner want it to happen.

It is incredibly frustrating and embarrassing when you can’t successfully satisfy your partner in bed. The majority of men who suffer from premature ejaculation have no medical reasoning behind it. With this being said, this is not something that you have to deal with for the rest of your life. There are ways to naturally reprogram yourself to last longer in bed without having to rely on expensive creams, sprays, or pills.

Fact 2 – What factors contribute to premature ejaculation?

There are two primary contributing factors.

1. Genetic Programming

Genetic programming is also known as genetic conditioning. Sex feels amazing, but it’s primary purpose was for reproduction not pleasure. Think about it, cave men were concerned with bludgeoning each other over wild game and whether or not their cave neighbor looked at them wrong. Cavemen were probably not concerned with how good their cave women felt during sex. Their primary concern (outside of bludgeoning) was to procreate before they got bludgeoned to death by the 15 yr old next door.

This genetic programing is what leads to men not being able to last longer in bed. So this problem is not your fault, it’s simply Mother Nature’s wonderful design for mankind’s reproductive success.

2. Overly Responsive Nervous System

Younger men have a nervous system that is more sensitive to sexual sensations. This contributes to a larger number of young men suffering from premature ejaculation. This condition will most likely improve as we get older.

With a highly responsive nervous system, there are great advantages. The primary advantage is that there is a decreased chance that you will suffer from erectile dysfunction; which is another common sexual dysfunction.

Fact 3 – Should you go to a doctor?

Most likely not. It is always encouraged to schedule a check up once a year to make sure that there is nothing medically wrong with you. Life is short, so staying healthy will help you enjoy it more. You certainly don’t need to worry if an antibiotic will clear up your problem.

Fact 4 – How to satisfy a woman with premature ejaculation.

All women are different when it comes to bringing them to orgasm during sex. Some women might need 20 minutes of stimulation to reach climax, while others might need only 5 minutes of stimulation. Knowing your woman and how to satisfy her based on what she needs is the key. Does she like foreplay, oral sex, or even both? There are several creative ways to make her orgasm before you penetrate her.

Here is one trick. Stimulate her until you know she is about to have an orgasm, then penetrate her. She will begin to associate her orgasms with penetration, making it easier to bring her to that point in less time. This helps bridge the gap between your premature ejaculation and the time it takes her to climax.

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