3 Ideas for Quickie Sex

Marathon sex sessions can be like real marathons — satisfying but exhausting. And who has time for a marathon — sexual or otherwise — on any kind of regular basis? Besides, there’s something explicitly thrilling about a teeny little secret sex treat; you both get some hot and steamy sex and still make it in to work on time.

Here’s a few choice tidbits for making your quickie sex super hot and satisfying:

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Women: Here’s What You Can Do
Women need — scratch that! — we absolutely adore foreplay. So when you’re planning a quickie, you can take care of getting yourself hot and aroused in advance of your actual sex session by using your hand, a vibrator, or even by reading the steamy section of a romance novel.

Men: Here’s What You Can do
Give her a call while she’s still at work and tell her how hot she makes you. Describe your favorite parts of her beautiful body and what, precisely, you plan to do to them the instant the two of you can snatch two hot minutes together. And don’t forget to make good on your promises.

Get Rid of The Barriers

Women: Here’s What You Can Do
If you’re planning a quickie, you can up the ante by wearing a skirt and going without underwear. It’s just expedient, right? Hah! You and I both know he’s gonna explode with excitement when he reaches under there and gets a handful of smokin’ hot you. Don’t forget to tell him in advance of his being able to get his hungry hands on you that you, umm, didn’t have time to put on any panties.

Men: Here’s What You Can Do
Unless you’re willing to wear a kilt (which I personally think is over-the-top sexy on a man, and judging by the sales of romance novels featuring Scottish Highlanders I’m not the only one) you can simply “forget” to wear your boxers underneath the sexiest pair of button-fly jeans you own. I’m pretty sure this is why button-flys were invented, by the way. No potentially dangerous zippers.

Stake Out New Territory

So you’re expected to host a houseful of guests for the holidays. I’m guessing you can find a vacant room (with a lock) where you can get just enough time for a quick session against the wall, and everyone will think you’ve just been been in the restroom for a moment. For that matter, the upstairs or non-guest restroom is a pretty good choice, if you can get in and out without being seen.

Try other locations for your quickie as well — what about the desk in your home office, or up against the hood of the car in your garage? Quickie sex can be particularly well-suited to an unusual location by virtue of the fact that you don’t intend to be there very long.

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