3 Embarrassing Male Sexual Problems & Their Solutions

In life there are some issues that a man cannot discuss properly with his friends or even close family members, these results in him going into deep depression and thinking that he can never get out of his issues. If you are a man who is facing any kind of sexual issue, then my friend you are not alone. Now many men are facing different sexual issues, but what they do for resolving them is literally nothing. So, first of all, acknowledge your sexual issues and commit to getting over them.

You can always talk to your partner about any issues you have, I am sure that she will help you get over it as she is your better half, my friend. Now wasting not any further time, let me tell you about the top 3 sexual issues that are very commonly faced by many men, and the best thing is that every issue can be treated properly with medication, exercises, and patience.

1. Erectile Dysfunction

This is also known as ED, this is a condition where a man is not able to either maintain his erection or he is not able to achieve an erection.

Most commonly this issue is faced by men who have started having sex at a very early age or are getting older. Don’t think that this kind of issue is not treatable, as with the help of simple herbal medications, diet plans, and exercises you can get complete control on your body. The best thing you can do is add a best herbal supplement in your daily life that can not only help you in the matter of getting over this specific issue but can also make you feel more energized throughout your day.

Know that ED is also one of the first appearing signs for Cardiac and Vascular diseases, so if you feel you are facing this issue, you must consult a doctor and make necessary changes in your lifestyle.

The reason for this condition varies from person to person. As it can be the age factor, or also if you are a smoker or have a bad habit of drinking too much that ultimately makes you lose you power in sex.

2. Peyronie’s Disease

Now, this is a condition that many men are not aware of. Some men commonly think that it’s normal if his penis is slightly curved, now the direction of the curve can vary from either time to time, or the intensity of the curve can become stronger as the time passes.

When this condition gets severe the male can also feel the slight pain in his penis when he tries to straighten his penis, hence making it difficult for him to have sex in several positions or refraining him to have sex at all. The presence of ED is completely absent in this condition, as the curve in the penis is only visible when the male achieves an erection.

One is able to treat this condition with massage and some supplements that can help your body to stop building up the scar tissue on the penis.

This condition is only seen in people who are stressed.

3. Prolonged Erection

This is a condition that is definitely misunderstood by many men and women. Now it’s a fact that women love those men who can last their erection for longer period of time. But, if the erection is active for more than 4 hours, it’s a serious issue then and you must seek medical help instantly.

There are many medications that can help you achieve an erection, and even you can maintain your erection for longer periods of time, but for an erection that is longer than 4 hours is seriously a very harmful condition for you. If you have taken any kind of time increasing pills, then this could be due to that. Also, the treatment for erectile dysfunction can cause this also. So make sure that you consider about getting the right treatment. Sickle cell disease’s treatment can also cause this issue.

If you do not treat this condition, then you may end up damaging the tissues in your penis. The medication can consist of pills that can slow down the blood flow to your penis.


if you are facing any of the mentioned issues or one of them, then make sure that you treat them instantly. As the more time you waste for treatment, the harder and painful it will be for you and your partner to cope with them.

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