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When Not to Use Prescription Drugs for an Erect Penis

Advances in treatments that enable a man to more easily attain an erect penis have made a huge difference among men in whom erectile dysfunction can be an issue. These developments have had a clear impact on sexual and penis…
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Attention Cyclists: How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

When a man is spending a lot of time on his bicycle, he’s likely doing what he can to promote his best possible health. But what happens when all that bike riding leads to serious penis health problems? Unfortunately, many…
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The Pros and Cons of Having a Vasectomy

When guys reach that point in their lives when they know they don’t want children (or they have plenty of them and don’t want more!), they often choose to undergo a vasectomy. Most men who undergo the procedure have no…
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Penis Health Primer: Signs of a Latex Allergy

When the savvy guy engages in any penetrative sexual activity, he does it the right way – by wearing a condom. Taking care to avoid sexually transmitted infections is a key component of excellent penis care, and most men are…
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A Surprising Penis Health Issue: Gardnerella Vaginalis

Taking good care of penis health is a worthy and admirable goal, and those that do it should be commended. Of course, there are numerous factors that can potentially have an impact on penis health, so being knowledgeable about all…
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