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How Contact Lenses Can Improve Your Sex Life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could alter your appearance, maybe even your personality? Perhaps you already have by simply changing your hair style or hair color for a special event. Did you feel more…
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Male Obsession With Sex

As an ex-medical student this subject was often discussed. Men are the seekers of solutions to mysteries and sex has been one of the greatest. In ancient times women were considered to be impregnated by the sun, which was the…
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This Is Why Men Are So Crazy About Women’s Breasts

I recently read a very interesting article about evolutionary psychology and the question of why men are overly attracted to women’s breasts surfaced all along. So what’s so attractive about women’s breasts that men can’t seem to resist? Of course…
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Sex With An Older Woman – Seize the Opportunity and Live the Fantasy

Sex with an older woman is a fantasy that most guys have had and continue to dream about. You might have had a soft spot for a mature teacher when you were at school developing into a full crush for…
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The Marriage Whisperer

As a practicing clinical psychologist, I have found that the best outcomes occur when the therapist and client are a “good fit.” That is part of the reason I employ a diverse staff of associates: to maximize the chance of…
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Ways in Which a Drink Improves Your Sex Life

Alcohol, despite being one of the few legal drugs in Spain along with tobacco, has been shown in several studies to be the cause of various diseases: from brain damage to some types of cancer, reasons why should never be…
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